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Bojutsu  is the art of the long staff (6ft./189cm.). Our bojutsu techniques are based on the old methods of Japan, those of Ryukyu Kobudo (Okinawan classical arts) as well as original techniques devised by Obata Kaiso. Bojutsu requires extensive twisting of the body, so students develop softer and more flexible shoulder and hip movements that are useful for and complementary to their Shinkendo training.

Furthermore, in learning how to use a longer range weapon like the bo, students will concurrently have a better understanding of the use of a medium range weapon, like the sword. In learning to handle a variety of weapons in your training, one will have the advantage of understanding the strengths, limitations and function of each and how to best apply them in any given situation.

The bojutsu curriculum consists of Suburi (Bo swinging exercises, body movement and footwork), Kata (Solo forms), and Kumibo (paired attacking/defending drills). Students learning bojutsu at Shinkendo Athens will notice a marked difference in the methods used to handle the bo in comparison to the style of bojutsu commonly taught at other schools.  This is because the handling basics of the bo are the same as the basics for handling the Yari (spear) and Naginata (glaive) and are applied as such.


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